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logo dodatku pracaShould we inform the employer of our disability? And if so, then when to do it?

In an ideal situation disability should not hinder candidate's chances of securing a job. However, this world is not an ideal one and every job interview is different.

An impaired worker receiving disability pension is compelled by law to inform the employer of the fact. An employee who is not supported by the state may choose to withhold the information, but must bear in mind that it is legally doubtful. However, it is definitely against the law to keep the fact back from the occupational medicine doctor.

It's self-evident that by hiding the disability you loose all the privileges that the impaired workers enjoy. But the real problems start when your health suddenly deteriorates or if your disability causes an accident at work - you may be refused compensation or even charged if there was someone injured.

Moreover, the employer may decide that you failed to fulfil your statutory obligations as an employee and cancel your contract. To sum up, the employer ought to be informed of the disability if you require special accommodations or if there's a risk that your impairment can influence your performance or pose a threat to yourself or to the people working with you.

If you decide to disclose, do it during the interview. If your boss learns about your disability from a third party, e.g. from human resources department, he or she may feel cheated. However, don't make your disability the main theme of the interview and don't paint a gloomy picture of it. Be frank about your limitations but at the same time try to stress your strong points as well as the benefits of hiring a disabled person.

An interviewer is not allowed to inquire about candidate's disability (the practice is classified as discriminative) and many people with hidden disability decide against the disclosure fearing that it might hurt their chances of getting the job. Should you decide to follow suit, be prepared to bear the consequences.


Artykuł powstał w ramach projektu "Integracja - Praca. Wydawnicza kampania informacyjno-promocyjna"
współfinansowanego z Europejskiego Funduszu Społecznego w ramach Sektorowego Programu Operacyjnego Rozwój Zasobów Ludzkich.

Autor: Tomasz Przybyszewski,
Konsultacja: Maria Białek, Centrum Integracja Warszawa
Tłumaczenie: Michał Landsberger
Źródło: Dodatek Praca

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